Small Blessings Ministry

Small Blessings is a ministry to new parents and their families

in Abilene and Dickinson County.


A few of the ways we wish to serve these families:

  • Provide meals for two weeks after the baby is born.
  • Deliver gift baskets filled with diapers, wipes, other baby essentials, a children's book, and a handmade item.
  • Create homemade items, such as blankets, burp cloths, bibs, nursing covers, etc., to provide in gift baskets.
  • Collect coupons for diapers, formula, etc.
  • Collect monetary donations in the piggy banks at each entrance to the Sanctuary, which will then be sued to purchase items for the gift baskets.

Our goal is to provide a helping hand to these families and a loving welcome to their new babies.


Ways you can help:

  • Contact the church office if you are aware of an expectant family in the church body or community.
  • Prepare and deliver a meal. A page will be created on for each family, where people can sign-up for a date and time for meal delivery. Emails to invite participants will be sent out to the church body. If you currently know of a family who is about to welcome a baby, you can download a FoodTidings form here. Please fill it out and return it (paper copy or email) to the church office.
  • Donate your time by creating a handmade item. We have groups that get together periodically or individuals who sew on their own.
  • Clip coupons for diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials. The coupons can then be deposited in the coupon boxes, available at each entrance to the Sanctuary.
  • Donate monetarily to help with the purchase of items for gift baskets. There are Small Blessings piggy banks at both entrances where you can leave your donations.
  • Pray for these new families as they adapt to the changes a new baby brings.