Spreading the Message of Jesus Christ Through Missions

Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8 state clearly that the Church is to spread the message of Jesus Christ to all people. Therefore, Community Bible Church is committed to the work of missions around the world — both overseas and in the United States. Involvement in missions is emphasized and encouraged at three different levels.


Corporate Support as a Church
Our church actively supports eleven missionaries and their families with monthly financial assistance, prayer, encouragement through letters and e-mails, etc.


Individual and Family Support
Individuals and families are encouraged to provide direct support to missionaries. Such support might be to the same missionaries we support as a church body, but can include other missionaries as well. This direct involvement in the lives of missionaries helps create a more personal interest in mission work.


Personal Involvement in Missions
Involvement can range from being a full-time missionary to taking part in a short-term mission project. People are encouraged to consider the possibility that God might be calling them to serve Him in this special capacity.


Missionary Emails
Our missionaries frequently send out updates via email. The church office receives the updates, and emails them out to those who would have requested to receive them. If you would like to receive these emails, please contact the church office. 


International Student Relationships
If you would like to invite some international students into your lives monthly for the next year, a sign-up sheet is in the foyer. Marci works with international students at KSU and she is willing to help match up some of her friends with us. These students are from some of the finest families in their country with great potential to become future leaders once returning home. What an impact sharing your lives and the way you live your faith could have on them! Marci has some materials she is willing to share about their culture if you are interested in reading them. This is a good opportunity to be an ambassador for Christ.