About Our Worship Services

WorshipTo worship Christ means to give Him honor and adoration. Therefore, worship is something Christians should do each day in every aspect of their lives. However, it is also important for believers to join together regularly to worship Jesus Christ (Acts 2:42; Heb. 10:24-25). The primary time for our joint worship is Sunday morning.

Sunday worship services are designed to provide an atmosphere in which Jesus Christ is honored and glorified. We do not have a defined “order of worship” which is followed in the same manner each Sunday. Instead, our worship services vary somewhat from week to week. Central to every service, however, is teaching from God’s word.

In addition to the pastor’s leadership, we believe it is positive and proper to involve lay people in the worship service. Consequently, a variety of people assist in leading the congregation in worship.
Along with teaching from God’s word, many other aspects enhance our worship of Christ. Some are done each week, and others periodically.


Music plays an integral role in our worship. Both traditional hymns and contemporary songs are used. A worship team gives primary leadership to our singing. Songs by soloists, small groups, a choral group, and instrumentalists, also provide meaningful times of worship.


Scripture Readings


Missionary Updates

Brief reports from various missionaries are provided on a regular basis.


Personal Testimonies

Periodically, someone in the church body shares how the Lord has worked in their life in the past, or how He is continuing to work today.


Times of Sharing and Prayer

Many Sundays, praises, concerns, and needs are shared by members of the church body. Prayer is then offered for these items.


Children's Activities During Worship

For families who believe their kids are ready to join with the church body in corporate worship, we are offering START (Sound Teaching and Righteous Training) tools. This will currently consist of several components, each available in the north narthex of the sanctuary.

The components include:

  • Age-appropriate Bibles available if kids forget to bring their own;
  • Paper copies of the worship song lyrics;
  • Age-appropriate sermon notes;
  • A START bag of tools to help them process what they are learning in the service.

We hope this will provide a beginning point to help our families grow together as they jointly participate in worship at Community Bible.

For kids who may participate more fully in worship in a different setting, Community Bible is offering children's worship.


Nursery Care

We want to welcome and encourage children to participate in the worship service! We also understand that sometimes children need a place to go and just be kids. Located in the basement off the kitchen, the nursery provides children with activities, music and snacks during the worship service. It is available for infants and toddlers thru age 2.


Preschool Learning Time
Preschool Learning Time is available for 3 and 4 year olds during the first service.  A slide will be shown on the overhead when it is time to leave to go downstairs to the room near the nursery. A Bible story and verse, songs, and various hands on activities are provided.