Youth Ministry Opportunities at Community Bible Church

Youth girlsCommunity Bible Church takes very seriously the spiritual development of children and young people. In a world filled with many pressures, we seek to provide a stable and positive atmosphere in which young people can learn and apply God’s truth. Our goal is to help youth grow into mature Christians.

While the family is the most important place for youth to receive spiritual training, the church also plays a vital role. Our youth activities are designed to share God’s truth in an understandable manner, and to show its relevance in the lives of young people.  These activities also provide opportunities to establish friendships and interact with both youth and adults in an enjoyable, meaningful way.

The following list describes several of the activities available for youth at Community Bible Church.

Morning Sunday School

Sunday school classes are available for youth pre-school age through high school. Separate classes are generally provided for each individual grade level from kindergarten through grade five. Middle school youth (grades 6-8) and high school youth (grades 9-12) are normally divided into two separate classes. Class divisions might vary from year to year depending on the size of different age groups.

Special Events

Sunday school classes and evening youth groups sometimes plan special events outside of their regular meeting times. These might include activities such as picnics, swimming, roller skating, attending Christian concerts, preparing a banquet for the adults, etc. The youth have also participated in several mission trips to places within the United States, as well as Mexico.

Vacation Bible School

Whether it be a week-long “vacation Bible school” program, or an activity taking another format, we seek to provide something special during the summer.

Summer Camp

Many of our young people take advantage of the camping opportunities offered at Kansas Bible Camp near Hutchinson, Kansas. Week-long camps are available for youth in grades 4-12. Other camping centers also provide opportunities for youth.

Youth Christmas Program

Each year the youth present a special program on a Sunday morning prior to Christmas.

Music Opportunities

Young people are encouraged to share their musical skills. This might include playing piano or other instrumental preludes, vocal solos or small groups, etc.

Other Activities

In addition to events planned specifically for youth, there are many other special activities for the entire church body. Young people are an integral part of many of these events as well. (Examples of these activities are found in the section entitled “Special Activities.”)