Financial Practices of Community Bible Church

An important issue in a church is its approach to finances. In the Bible, God has much to say about money. First and foremost, the Lord commands us to trust Him for our provisions. While it is wise to maintain an appropriate level of reserve funds, we also guard against accumulating excess money unnecessarily. Our desire is to use God’s blessing to further the work of Christ.

Throughout the history of Community Bible Church, we have experienced God’s gracious provision. Consequently, it has never been necessary for us to borrow money from a financial institution. Building purchases, renovation projects, and other expenditures have been undertaken only when sufficient funds are available. We are presently debt-free, and with God’s help, are committed to maintaining that standard.

Offerings and Donations

Although we do not believe it is improper to collect an offering during the worship service, we have chosen not to do so. Instead, offering baskets are simply placed at the entrances. Everyone is free to contribute whenever it is most feasible and appropriate for them.

Occasionally, special opportunities for giving are made known to the church body through a letter or public announcement. Opportunities might include donating to a mission need, contributing toward a special project, etc. In such cases, however, giving is always on a free-will basis.

Guest Speakers / Missionaries

When we have a guest speaker, such as a missionary, a separate basket is sometimes placed at the entrance. Anyone who desires can then make a special contribution toward that person or ministry.
In accordance with Matthew 6:1-4, we maintain complete confidentiality regarding all money given by individuals. Only the church treasurer is aware of specific amounts donated. However, information about overall giving and about how our money is specifically used, is open to everyone as we seek to maintain integrity in the area of finances.

Personal Giving

In regard to personal giving, we encourage people to consider the principles set forth in the New Testament. Some of those principles include the following: We are to give according to the measure God has prospered us (I Cor. 16:2); generously and cheerfully (II Cor. 9:6-7); wisely and faithfully (Lk. 16:10-11); and in response to needs (Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35; 11:27-30).