The History of Community Bible Church

The seed which would grow into Community Bible Church was planted during the winter and spring of 1985 when a community-wide Bible study was held in Abilene. Emerging from that study was a core group of people with a vision to establish an evangelical, non-denominational church in Abilene.

In May 1985, about twenty adults and children began meeting in homes on Sunday evenings for worship and Bible study. Later, the meeting room in the First National Bank (now called Pinnacle Bank) North Drive-In at 1500 N. Buckeye, was used. In August, Sunday morning worship services and Sunday school were added.

Also in August 1985, a pastor was hired. The search then began for a larger facility to rent. The basement of a local motel was available. Pastor Lindsey Brummer arrived in September, and on September 29, 1985, Community Bible Church officially met for the first time as a newly-incorporated church. Pastor Brummer faithfully served the church until the end of 2006.

The basement of the local motel met the needs of Community Bible Church for over three years, from September 1985,  through January 1989. The decision was then made to rent the newly-constructed Senior Citizen Center at 100 N. Elm Street. This provided a larger, brighter facility, located on ground level. It served as the meeting place for almost two years, from January 1989, to November 1990.

A goal of Community Bible Church was to eventually build or purchase its own building. Rented facilities met the initial needs, but also presented certain limitations.  Early in 1990, a down-payment was made on land just north of Abilene, with the hope of eventually constructing a building on that site. However, the Lord opened another door: an office building at 712 S. Buckeye had been vacated and was for sale. After careful consideration, the decision was made to purchase the office building. The down-payment on land north of town was graciously returned to us. After over five years of meeting in rented facilities, Community Bible Church now had its own building.

The building at 712 S. Buckeye was used from November 1990, to July 1996. Two renovation projects were undertaken during that time.  However, as the congregation continued to grow, it became apparent that other provisions would be necessary. Options included new construction, either adding to the facility at 712 S. Buckeye or building at a new location, or the purchase of another already existing building. Once again, the Lord’s timing and provision were perfect.

In the spring of 1996, discussion began concerning the possibility of purchasing the building owned by Emmanuel United Methodist Church at 121 NE 5th Street. They would be vacating the building in July and it was available for purchase. After considering all options, it was clear that the Lord was leading us to purchase the building. Dickinson County needed additional office space and purchased the facility at 712 S. Buckeye. On July 21, 1996, the first worship service was held at our present location, 121 NE 5th Street.

Just as the physical facilities of Community Bible Church have changed throughout the years, so has the congregation grown and changed. Through all the changes, the church’s foundation has remained the same. Faith in Jesus Christ and faithfulness to His word continue to be the focus of our ministry.

In November of 2007, Jonathan Wenger became the second full-time pastor of Community Bible Church. Jonathan and his wife Barbara came to Abilene from the Wichita area. Pastor Wenger came to us after serving churches in Northwest Arkansas, Southern California, and Wichita, Kansas. In addition to pastoring, Jonathan spent five years working in a secular environment as a sales consultant. 

God has always proven Himself faithful in graciously providing for all our needs. We recall the past to remind ourselves of His faithfulness. But we also look to the future, recognizing that God has a purpose for His church on earth. As a local church body, we desire to have a part in fulfilling that purpose in the lives of people in the Abilene area.