About Our Membership

All individuals who have truly placed their faith in Jesus Christ are members of the universal church—the “Body of Christ” (I Cor. 12:12-13). It is also clear from Scripture that Christ desires for all believers to be involved in the life of a local church body (Eph. 4:11-16).

Many churches maintain a list of members who have formally joined that church through means such as a transfer of membership from a previous church, confirmation, participation in “new member” classes, coming forward in a worship service, etc.; In no way do we wish to indicate an opposition to such official membership lists. They can serve very useful purposes.

However, we have chosen not to have a formal membership list requiring a transfer of membership, special classes, etc. Instead, a list is simply maintained of those who take part in the ministry of Community Bible Church.

We recognize that some who attend our activities might not have placed their faith in Jesus Christ, and thus, would not truly be members of the universal “Body of Christ.” However, we welcome their attendance and trust that the Lord will use it to draw them to Himself in faith.

To safeguard Biblical teaching, we do require that all who teach or serve in any leadership capacity, give a written account of how they came to place their faith in Christ. They must also sign a commitment form indicating their willingness to teach and serve within the Biblical parameters held by Community Bible Church.

Worship Team