The Small Group Ministry of Community Bible Church

What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is a small group of 6 to 12 people who meet regularly for the purpose of:

  • Connecting with one another in meaningful relationships;
  • Caring for one another in personal, practical ways; and
  • Challenging each other to grow spiritually.

Community Groups are a place where you will be able to find care, encouragement, and friendships.

Through involvement in Community Groups we believe that you will find a place where you are encouraged to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Our commitment is to be a place of encouragement not of guilt. It is our prayer that these meetings will be a highlight of your week.

What are Community Group Meetings Like?

Most groups meet for 1½ hours. Some begin with food and conversation, others end that way. In the majority of groups, you will have an opportunity to interact with the teaching from the Pastor’s sermon, using the questions that will be found in the bulletin as a springboard. Within the discussion, we hope that everyone will experience the joy of discovering truth and applying it in their lives as the members of the group interact. The ultimate goal is to identify what God wants us to be or do in response to His truth.

As a normal part of group life, you will have the opportunity to pray with and for the other members of your group. All of this will be pursued in an environment that is supportive and where you are encouraged to be all that God is calling you to be.

What are the Benefits?

  1. We believe that small groups are the best place to initiate and pursue meaningful relationships.
  2. We believe that small groups are the best way to provide consistent care for one another. Each week, we will pray for one another and we will be there for you when you go through both the great and difficult times.
  3. We believe that small groups are the best place for spiritual growth to take place. Spiritual transformation happens when you are exposed to the truth of God’s Word and allowed to tell the truth about yourself to trusted others who can pray for you, encourage you, and hold you accountable for keeping commitments that you make.
  4. We believe that small groups offer a safe forum for you to begin to “try out” your spiritual gifts as you minister to others in your group.

What is Required of Me?

The commitment we ask you to make is to become a regular participant in a Community Group for a 12 week semester. By participant, we mean that you will be present at each meeting and be involved in each part of the meeting. Your presence and participation is a gift to the group. When you are not there, it changes the dynamics of the group and its ability to pursue its goals.

How do I Join a Community Group?

Beginning January 21, we encourage everyone to choose a group from among those listed in this catalog. We ask that you select a first and second choice. We hope to place you in your first choice.

  1. Choose a group from among those listed below on this webpage. We ask that you make a first and second choice. We hope to place you in your first choice.
  2. Click the link below for the registration form. Fill out the form and hit "submit."


    2. Call the church office at 263-4025 or e-mail us at, and we will have a group  

        leader contact you. Please give us as much information as possible about you and your

        desires so that we can place you in the right group.

So, look through this list of leaders and identify one or two groups that you might like to join for this semester. Even if you choose to join the same group you were in last fall, sign up is needed, so we know who will be attending which Community Group.

Sign-ups will be on January 21 and 28.

Groups will begin the week of February 4, 2018.


Registration is now closed.

If you would like to register for a Community Group, please contact the church office to which groups are available.


CBC believes that Community Groups are a vital source for spiritual health and growth. If you would like to be a part of a Community Group and the cost of childcare is a hindrance to that desire, we would like to help with those expenses.  Please contact the church office if you need assistance in paying for childcare during Community Groups.

Current Community Groups

Sunday Group

Monte & Donneta Felbush
Meeting: 4:30-6:00 p.m.
Location: Community Bible Church
Study: Community Outreach
Childcare: Can be arranged.


Monday Groups

Ken & Judy King
Meeting: Monday mornings—9:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Location: Community Bible Chuch—121 NE 5th St
Study: Discussion of Sunday’s sermon
Target: This is a group for those who want to meet during the day.
Childcare: Not available

Gene & Debbie Bielefeld and Sherry Hooper

Location: Bielefeld's home - 419 Brice Court (Abilene)

Study: Discussion of Sunday's sermon

Childcare: Not available



Monday Groups, continued

Lindsey Brummer

Meeting: 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Location: Lindsey's home

1206 N Campbell (Abilene)

Study: Discussion of Sunday's sermon

Childcare: Not available

Richard & Lynette Campbell

Meeting: 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Location: Campbell's Home - 1705 Park Place (Abilene)
Study: Discussion of Sunday’s sermon
Childcare: Not available


Tuesday Group

Justin & Annalisa Schamberger

Meeting: 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Location: Schamberger's Home - 111 NE 5th St (Abilene)

Study: Discussion of Sunday's sermon

Target: Young Couples

Childcare: Will be provided